Hanson, Walter & Associates, Inc.'s Civil Engineering department has a staff whose experience, innovative problem solving abilities, commitment to quality work and the highest professional ethics and standards, gives HWA's clients the edge in today's competitive marketplace.

HWA uses the latest, state-of-the-art design software to ensure an efficient, quality work product. Our teams' knowledge of the permitting process, combined with well established professional relationships with agency reviewers, provide our clients with a definite permit processing advantage.

Annexation Request Preparation & Processing

Zoning Request Preparation & Processing
Conditional Use Application Preparation & Processing
Land Use Change Request  Preparation & Processing
Concurrency Management Application Preparation & Processing
Comprehensive Development Plan Preparation & Processing
Preliminary Subdivision Plan Preparation & Processing
Due Diligence Report Preparation
DRI Coordination
Engineering Improvement (Construction) Plan Preparation & Processing 
Roadway Design
Utility System Design
Environmental Resource Permit Preparation & Processing
Conditional Water Use  Permit  Preparation &  Processing
FDEP Water Use Permit Preparation &  Processing
FDEP Wastewater Use Permit Preparation & Processing
FDOT, County and/or City Driveway Connection Permit Preparation & Processing 
FDOT, County and/or City ROW Improvement Plan Preparation & Permit Processing
Community Development District (CDD) Engineering  Representation.
Construction Administration
SFWMD, FDEP, County and/or City Construction Certification Processing
Coordination of Team Services (including planning, environmental, geotechnical, landscape & others) 

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